Adopted Woman Finds Out That She Grew Up Watching Her Birth Mom On TV

Tamron Hall Show

Many children who are adopted want to seek out their biological parents at some point. That wasn’t the case for Lisa Wright. She felt very loved by her adoptive parents, and she didn’t feel the need to know who her biological parents were. The only thing that nagged at her a little bit was that she didn’t look like her family.

When Wright was in her 50s, both of her parents passed away. At that point, even though she was all grown up, she felt like she was an orphan. It was at that point that Wright’s son, Nick, suggested that she take a DNA test. It wasn’t about finding out who her biological parents were. It was more about finding out about where her family was from.

Wright first ended up contacting her biological uncle. She was nervous that he wouldn’t want to speak to her, but instead, he ended up calling her his “favorite niece.” Then, he gave her the name of her birth mother. Wright was shocked when she googled her birth mother’s name and realized who she was – actress Lynne Moody.

When Wright was growing up in the ’70s, she used to watch the sitcom “That’s My Mama.” She had no idea that she was actually watching her birth mother on TV. Moody was one of the stars of the show playing Tracy Curtis Taylor. She’s also known for her roles on “Roots,” “E/R,” and “Knots Landing.”

Wright and Moody were reunited on the “Tamron Hall Show.” Moody explained the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy. She was only 18 years old when she got pregnant. It was a one-night stand. She explained that her parents sent her away to a home for unwed mothers, and she wasn’t even allowed to see her baby when she gave birth at the hospital because they thought that would make it even harder for her to give her daughter up for adoption.

Moody claimed that she always had “guilt” about giving away her daughter. She was finally able to let go of that guilt after reuniting with her daughter.

Watch the video below to hear more about Wright and Moody’s story and to hear about the very first time they met.