Adele Cancels Shows Due To Illness

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Adele, the powerhouse behind hits like “Hello” and “Someone Like You,” has hit a temporary pause on her highly anticipated Las Vegas residency due to illness. The Grammy-winning singer took to Instagram to share the unfortunate news, stating, “Sadly, I have to take a beat and pause my Vegas residency.”


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This unexpected announcement has left fans both disappointed and concerned for the artist’s well-being. Adele’s Las Vegas residency, titled “Weekends with Adele,” kicked off at the Colosseum Theatre at Caesars Palace in November 2022 and was initially set to run until June 15. However, unforeseen health issues have forced the songstress to reschedule some of the upcoming dates.

For those who have already secured tickets to Adele’s Las Vegas shows, CNN reports that information about the rescheduled dates will be provided. Despite the disappointment, fans worldwide are undoubtedly sending their best wishes to the beloved singer for a swift recovery.

This isn’t the first time Adele has faced challenges related to her voice. In 2011, she underwent surgery for a hemorrhaged vocal cord, signaling an early struggle with vocal health. The singer again encountered vocal cord issues in 2017, leading to the cancellation of her last two scheduled shows in London, as reported by People magazine.

Adele’s vocal prowess and emotional performances have endeared her to millions of fans globally. Her struggles with vocal health have been part of her journey, demonstrating the toll that the demands of her remarkable singing career can take. Despite these challenges, Adele has consistently shown resilience, captivating audiences with her soulful voice.

The pause in the Las Vegas residency not only affects fans in the United States but also has a ripple effect on Adele’s future plans. Following the Vegas shows, she had scheduled a European residency in Munich, slated to begin on August 2, as reported by CNN. The impact of this pause on subsequent engagements is yet to be clarified.

As the music world collectively holds its breath, fans and fellow artists alike hope for Adele’s speedy recovery. Her authenticity, both in her music and personal journey, has created a deep connection with listeners, making her health a matter of genuine concern for those who admire her work.

While disappointment looms over the postponed shows, the silver lining is the assurance that Adele is prioritizing her health. Fans can look forward to the rescheduled performances and continue to support the artist they love during this unforeseen intermission in her remarkable musical journey.

Hear more about her decision to postpone her show in the video below.

What well wishes would you send to Adele during this unexpected pause in her Vegas residency?