Actress Changes Her Mind About Doing Nude Scenes In Her Movies

Actress Keira Knightley used to feel completely comfortable filming nude scenes for movies. She told The Financial Times, “I always felt completely comfortable doing it when I was younger. I never did anything that I didn’t feel comfortable doing.” Now, Knightley feels differently.

Knightley married her husband, musician James Righton, in 2013. Since then, the couple has had two children together, daughters Edie and Delilah. Knightley points to her daughters as a reason that she no longer feels comfortable filming nude scenes.

Her reasoning has nothing to do with feeling like nude scenes are inappropriate. She defends the reasons some films include nude scenes. However, after having her children, she added a clause to her contract that she will not film nude scenes. The reason is that after having two children she is a more self-conscious than she was when she was younger because her body has changed.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be hard on a woman’s body. Not all women bounce back completely. Knightley claims that she doesn’t want to stand in front of a film crew completely naked anymore. One reason is that she claims her “nipples droop” now that she’s a mom. She explained, “I’m really happy with my body. It’s done an amazing thing. But I also don’t want to stand there in front of a whole film crew….”

Her decision doesn’t mean that the movies she works on will be absent of nude scenes. Instead, a body double would stand in for her during any nude scenes, and she is involved in selecting who will be cast as her body double.

Knightley explained that selecting the body double is “interesting.” She said, “It kind of goes like, ‘That’s a little bit like you, but better.'” She added, “I get final approval of what the edit is.”

Although Knightley doesn’t plan on filming a nude scene any time soon, it’s not 100% out of the question for her. Watch the video below to learn what kind of nude scene Knightley would be open to filming.