Popular 68-Year-Old Actress Reveals That She Had A Baby Girl Who Was Fathered By Her Dead Son

For most parents, when they have a child, the biological mother becomes pregnant and gives birth to the baby; however, this isn’t always the case. Obviously, adoption is quite common as well, but sometimes parents who want a biological child choose to have a surrogate carry the child instead of the child’s mother.

There are a variety of reasons someone might choose to have a surrogate, for example, health related reasons, but sometimes choosing to have a baby with the help of a surrogate can be controversial. For example, one actress in Spain who is 68 years old recently had a baby girl with the help of a surrogate.

Actress Ana Obregón’s decision to welcome a biological child into the world at age 68 is controversial because surrogacy is not allowed in her home country of Spain. She had to travel to the United States in order to have a surrogate carry her child, who was born at a hospital in Miami, Florida.

However, there’s much more to her story. What’s even more controversial is the baby’s father. 

Obregón’s baby girl is not her first child. She also had a son when she was younger. Unfortunately, her son died back in 2020 from cancer when he was just 27 years old.

Obregón claims that her son’s dying wish was to “bring a child of his own into this world.” She decided to help make his wish come true. That’s right, her son is her baby girl’s biological father. That means that the baby’s dead brother is also her father, and the baby’s mother is also her biological grandmother. That’s a lot to digest. Watch the video below for more details.

Does it surprise you that surrogacy is illegal is some countries like Spain? Do you think surrogacy should be illegal? Do you think it was a bad decision or a sweet gesture for Obregón to fulfill her son’s dying wish?