About to Be Evicted From the Kingdom

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A woman named Virginia Giuffre previously claimed that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew on three different occasions, and one time she was only 17 years old. While Andrew has denied the claims, the case against him keeps growing, and his involvement as a member of the royal family keeps fading away.

Andrew’s mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, striped him of his military titles and royal patronages. Since then, his brother, King Charles, has been trying to demote Andrew’s housing situation to go along with his demotion in the kingdom.

Andrew has been living in the Royal Lodge since 2003, a 10-bedroom Windsor estate, but Charles reportedly wants him to move to Frogmore Cottage, a smaller home, and the house where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lived when they were still working members of the royal family.

Now, a New York judge has unsealed the Jeffery Epstein court documents, and it has revealed even more of Andrew’s wrongdoings. The Daily Mail reports that sources claim Charles is even more determined to solve the “Andrew problem.”

One source said, “The fact that his name appears on the [Epstein] list will be no surprise to anyone, least of all His Majesty. But it will underline the need for him to maintain his [Andrew’s] ‘retired royal’ status. No matter how much he wants to come back, this association is just never going to go away. And that means he [Andrew] has to.”

Another source said, “The duke was always very good at getting round their mother, the late Queen. Pressuring her quietly to support him. He was her achilles’ heel and she absolutely put her head in the sand over anything to do with him. The King loves his brother and hates confrontation but has had to make a ‘business’ decision.'”

Sources claim Andrew is determined not to be downgraded to Frogmore Cottage, and has even considered buying a home off of royal property. While Charles has yet to be successful at evicting his brother from the Royal Lodge, he can require Andrew to upkeep the property and gardens, which are reportedly currently in need of multiple repairs. Sources don’t believe Andrew has the money to pay for the repairs and upkeep since he is no longer a working member of the royal family.

Watch the video below for more about the names contained on the Epstein list, including some surprises.

Do you think Andrew will eventually vacate the Royal Lodge?