A $350 Laptop & Other Tech Bargains

The editors at PC World took a stab at coming up with their own list of 5 technology bargains for products you might need to buy during these difficult economic times but don’t cost a fortune.

They picked out one product in each of the following 5 categories:
– a desktop computer
– a laptop computer
– an inkjet printer
– a digital camera
– an HD-enabled TV

The desktop computer they like best is from Dell and costs around $650. It includes a 20-inch wide LCD flat-screen monitor, which is pretty nice (and can run over $100 bought separately), and seems to have enough of the basics to handle most people’s needs. The laptop they offer up is an Acer and is really small, but at $350 seems like a pretty good deal if you just need something to handle the basics (like just surfing the web).

The inkjet printer they like is from Cannon. It comes with wifi and a scanner. At $150, it seems like a pretty good deal but still pays to shop around, as we recently went printer shopping and found deals that are comparable, if not better (though we trust PC World’s testing/reviews of products).

For the camera, the PC World editors note that with a lot of new cameras coming on to the market, buying last year’s models can be a good deal. They like the Pentax Optio A40 which they say sells for “under $200”.

And finally, for the TV, they like the Vizio 42-inch LCD. While it’s priced at $1000 and is not exactly an easy purchase to make when you’re on a tight budget, if you do have the means and think it will provide cheaper, at-home entertainment and keep you from spending a lot on entertainment overall, it might be worth considering.

Have you found any great tech bargains of your own? Share with us by posting a column below.

To read the PC World article (slideshow, really), click the link below:

5 Great Technology Bargains

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