She’s A Glamorous 91-Year Old Tik Tok Influencer, Living Her Best Life Wearing Mini Skirts And High Heels

@betsylou.piano via TikTok

The saying goes that age is just a number. One TikTok influencer who goes by @bestylou.piano has proven that saying is all too true.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean dressing in an outdated way, not being able to keep up with technology, or refusing to follow trends. No, this 91 year old influencer who has over 69,000 followers is proving that she has the energy and the style of a 20 year old as well as the tech savvy know how to post videos on the social media giant.

What impresses many people about this older influencer’s posts is that she still wears high heals and mini skirts, and she definitely has the legs for it. In the comments section, many of her followers rave about how good she looks for her age and how well she not only walks but dances in stilletos.

@betsylou.piano Electric Slide! #91yearsold #betsylou #fyp #electricslide #shaniatwain #manifeellikeawoman #linedancing ♬ Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain

One comment reads, “I’m 58 and could not walk in those shoes or look that great. Goals.”

Another follower wrote, “Walking in those shoes? Impressed!”

Yet another comment reads, “Wow… she looks amazing… no way is she 90 years young!!!”

In addition to the flattering comments, some of her followers also have suggestions to take her look to the next level. For example, one comment reads, “you also need bright pink lipstick and gray shadows and mascara!!!”

@betsylou.piano 90 Year Old Queen Betsy Lou Walk Like This! #90yearsold #betsylou #fyp #prettygirlswalklikethis ♬ Pretty Girls Walk – Big Boss Vette


Other followers are so impressed by how she looks at 91 that they want to see how amazing she must have looked when she was younger. One comment reads, “You look amazing can we see pictures of you when you were younger? I’d love to see them.”

@betsylou.piano via TikTok

In addition to her posts that show off her toned legs and youthful fashion sense, she also posts videos that show her piano skills, thus her TikTok handle of @bestylou.piano. It’s definitely true that she’s not only stylish and in good shape but also a talented musician.

When was the last time you wore high heels? Does it impress you that a 91 year old woman can dance in stilletos?