Rest In Peace, Popular 90s Sitcom Actor has Passed Away

Tyler Pratt via YouTube

Actor Peter Crombie, renowned for his portrayal of the memorable character “Crazy” Joe Davola on the iconic ’90s sitcom “Seinfeld,” has passed away at the age of 71 after battling an illness. His ex-wife, Nadine Kijner, announced his death on social media, expressing shock and extreme sadness over the loss.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Kijner shared a montage of photos from their wedding day along with a touching tribute to Crombie. She thanked him for countless wonderful memories and described him as a kind, giving, caring, and creative soul. Kijner wished him a peaceful journey into the boundless source of light, expressing hope that he would be greeted with love by his parents and Oliver.


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While the details of Crombie’s illness were not disclosed, Kijner shared with TMZ that he had been battling a brief illness before his passing. She described him as the kindest, most caring, and considerate man, loved by everybody for his generosity and positive nature.

Peter Crombie assumed the role of Crazy Joe Davola in the fourth season of “Seinfeld” in 1992. Playing the bizarre and unhinged character who posed a threat to Jerry Seinfeld, Crombie left a lasting impression with his recurring role in five episodes during the season.

One of his most notable appearances occurred in the ninth episode of season four, titled “The Opera.” In this episode, Crazy Joe Davola becomes romantically obsessed with Elaine, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, only to spiral into psychotic jealousy upon learning about Jerry’s brief relationship with her. Dressed in his iconic clown costume, the character stalks Jerry and Elaine as they wait to see a production of “Pagliacci,” an opera about a clown’s murderous rampage.

Peter Crombie’s acting career spanned various television shows and movies. Apart from “Seinfeld,” he made appearances on shows like “Law & Order,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “L.A. Law,” “NYPD Blue,” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.” In addition to his television credits, Crombie had roles in films such as “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Natural Born Killers,” “Se7en,” and “The Doors.”

Following the news of Crombie’s passing, friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry paid tribute to the actor. Comedian Lewis Black praised him as a gifted artist, and friends remembered him as a gentle and loyal friend, a wonderful actor, writer, and a kind human being.

What are your favorite moments of Peter Crombie as “Crazy” Joe Davola on “Seinfeld”?