‘90210’ Star And Her 5 Kids Trash Their Rental Property

Tori Spelling is back in the news again. The former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star and her 5 children moved into a fully furnished rental home, allegedly “trashed it”, and quickly moved out. Her neighbors are furious.

The star, 51, lived in the $15,000 a month luxury rental for about 4 months. The house is a modern two story, five bedroom, three-bath, 3000 square foot home which has a pool and spa. It is located in the prestigious Woodland Hills, near Los Angeles.

According to a neighbor, Spelling left the home quickly on June 1. The neighbor told The Daily Mail, “It’s completely trashed,” adding that cleaners took several loads of trash out to a “big dumpster.”

One neighbor said, “Let’s just say I doubt she’ll be getting her security deposit back.”

Outside the home, there is discarded home furnishings lining the street. Also, included is a broken pet carrier, smashed tent, crushed display cube, torn up luggage, soiled couches, and cushions.

According to the neighbors, the inside of the house is a mess. One neighbor told The Daily Mail,

‘The smell of urine is everywhere, on the couch cushions and inside the home. There are marks all over the walls, from who knows what.

‘It’s completely trashed. Just look at the big dumpster they had to bring in. It’s been filled up several times since she moved out on June 1.’

Another factor making things even messier is Tori’s passion for keeping several pets. Her love of pets had caused a division in her previous marriage to Dean McDermott.



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Spelling has been known to keep several dogs, chickens, pigs guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon.

The star paid a mandatory $7,500 deposit when she moved in. A former neighbor doesn’t think it will cover the damages to the house.

The rental is now available again, the current price is $16,950 a month. The price has increased almost $2000 for each month.

It’s been speculated Tori does not like to stay in one place too long.These moves are common for her. Recently, she moved due to a mold issue. Within the last year, Tori and her children have lived in four different places.