9 Ways to Save on Dental Care

A trip to the dentist’s office isn’t just scary because of the pain you might feel during and after. The prices you could pay for things like fillings, root canals and other work can be downright terrifying. Check out some tips from Frugal Living for lowering the costs of your future trips to the dentist, whether you have insurance or not:

  1. Triage: can’t afford all of the procedures that need to be done in your mouth? Work with your dentist to figure out what the absolutely pressing problems are and what can wait. Your dentist may also come up with some temporary fixes for the short term if they know you’re short on cash at the moment.
  2. Ask For a Cash Discount: if many cases, dentists’ offices will offer you a discount if you can pay in cash and in full. Just be sure to put on your negotiating face when you go to pay.
  3. Set Up a Payment Plan: in you need to get work done now but really can’t afford it, don’t just throw the expense on your credit card. See if you can work out a payment plan with the dentist so that you can avoid the interest that goes with charging a card.
  4. Ask Lots of Questions: you have the right to know where your money is going and why! Here are some questions you might want to ask that could potentially save you some money:
    • Would it be okay to put off X-rays until your next cleaning?
    • Do your kids still need fluoride treatments if they live in an area with fluoridated water?
    • Is that procedure medically necessary or purely cosmetic?
    • Is there a cheaper option that would work just as well?

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