9 of the Most Ridiculous Nail Trends That Ever Existed

It used to be that you went to a nail salon, you picked a nail polish color, and got your nails done—the end. Now, we have all sorts of options when we go to get our nails done.

We’re not just talking about gels, dips, and powders (though that too)—we mean the texture, designs, and shape of the nails people are getting these days. Some of them are completely outrageous. We don’t mean to be haters, but we’re not really sure why some of these nail trends exist.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of these weird nail trends below.

  1. Spiral nails

    This is just what it sounds like—a nail that comes out and spirals like an intricate staircase. It’s usually only done on one finger just to accent the rest of your hand, but we have so many questions: Won’t it hurt if you get it caught on something? Why not just do the whole hand? Don’t you just get the urge to rip it off, like when Elmer’s glue gets on your hand? And above all: Just, why?

  2. Hairy nails

    Why anyone would want to combine the word “hair” and “nails” is beyond me. Gluing fake troll-esque hair to your nails is becoming a thing for some daring ladies, and we’re not all too sure about it, TBH. Maybe for a Halloween costume, but for everyday life, this seems a bit extra (and strange).

  3. Bubble nails

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you get your nails done, isn’t it so you can have dainty, pretty nails? Not bulging, colorful eyesores? The bubble nail trend entails thick, heavy nail polish in a “bubble” shape on your nails, and we think they make your nails look like…well, a bubble, which is odd.

  4. Duck feet nails

    Picture a duck’s webbed foot. Now picture that on your nails. These long, sharp, weirdly-wide nails are a little too quirky—or should we say quack-y—for us.

  5. Bedazzled nails

    If you want your nails to shimmer and shine, we recommend a glossy finish, not necessarily getting rhinestones or glitter glued onto them. Bedazzled nails make us a little dizzy!

  6. Aquarium nails

    Guys—this is basically a snow globe, but for your nails. For “aquarium nails,” the nail artist glues together two thick pieces of acrylic nail, which forms a small opening where you can put whatever you want—confetti, water, decals, whatevs. Shake ‘em around, or stare at them like you would, well, an aquarium.

  7. Stiletto nails

    These sharp, pointy nails look like weapons to us. So unless you’re thinking of fighting crime with your fingertips, we’re thinking stilettos should stay on your feet and not your hands.

  8. Extra long acrylic nails

    We like long nails too, but when people get these freakishly, completely unnaturally long nails put on, we can’t help but wonder why. We can’t imagine having these on makes it easy to do anything—cook, clean, type. The thought of accidentally breaking one is making us cringe.

  9. Character nails

    The only time we can see this being appropriate is for a little girl—she wants Spongebob on her nails, all the power to her. But there’s something about grown women walking around with replicas of a cartoon character on each of her nails that screams weird. Sorry, but it’s a no from us on this trend.

What do you think of some of these crazy nail trends? Would you ever get your nails done like any of these? Have you ever witnessed any of these in person?