Health Director Says That 85 Babies Have Tested Positive For COVID-19 In One Texas County

When the coronavirus outbreak began, we quickly learned who was most at risk for the virus: The elderly and those who were immunocompromised. The weird (yet amazing) thing about the disease is that it didn’t seem to affect babies or children.

However, that has all changed now that a total of 85 infants under one year have tested positive for coronavirus just in the Texas county of Nueces alone. The influx in baby cases occurred only after restrictions were loosened in the state and residents stopped wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

“We currently have 85 babies under the age of one year in Nueces County that have all tested positive for COVID-19,” said Annette Rodriguez, director of public health for Corpus Christi Nueces County, urging people to be smart about their decisions to help keep others safe. “These babies have not even had their first birthday yet. Please help us stop the spread of this disease.”

There was no further information available on how the babies were doing. However, it probably doesn’t matter—no infant deserves (or should!) catch an illness like this. In general, the state of Texas hasn’t been doing well in terms of slowing the spread of coronavirus.

“Texas is now not where it should be relating to fighting COVID-19. Therefore, your office should take immediate action to rewind the efforts to reopen the state quickly; which came about by ignoring CDC guidelines,” said state representatives Sheila Jackson Lee and Joaquin Castro in a letter to the governor. “We need to provide local authority to local counties and cities to do what is in the best interest of their communities.”

To hear more on the story, check out the video below.

Do you know any babies who’ve gotten coronavirus? How did the virus play out in the little ones? What are you doing to help slow the spread of the virus where you live?