80-Year-Old Former Marine Dies After Run-In With Maskless Bar Patron

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a face mask in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, yet there are many people who either refuse to wear a mask or are making a mockery of wearing a mask.

There are many Karens who have been very loud about how they shouldn’t have to wear a mask, but refusing to obey rules (like wearing a mask) at businesses and on private property come with consequences. One woman was arrested after coughing in the face of a cancer patient. Another woman was tased and arrested after refusing to wear a mask at a middle school football game.

In the cases above, as far as we know, nobody got seriously hurt. Unfortunately, it seems that some people who refuse to wear face masks are starting to get more physically violent about it.

On September 26th, a 80-year-old former marine named Rocco Sapienza was at Pamp’s Red Zone Bar and Grill in West Seneca, New York. Sapienza noticed another customer, 65-year-old Donald Lewinski, who came in the bar to bring buckets of beer outside to a band that was performing. What caught Sapienza’s attention about Lewinski was that Lewinski wasn’t wearing a face mask. 

Spaineza decided to confront Lewinski and tell him to put on a mask. Lewinski did not put on a mask. Instead, he got into an argument with Spaineza that ended in physical violence. Lewinski pushed Sapineza with both of his hands. Sapineza ended up falling backwards and hitting his head on ground. 

Spaineza ended up in a coma. Several days later, on October 1, 2020, he died of head trauma. His son, Richard Sapienza, is remembering him as a marine who stands up for the little guy. “He wasn’t afraid to call somebody out for being stupid, for acting stupid. If you knew my father, that’s the kind of guy he was. And my father could hold a conversation with anybody, he was a very friendly man.”