People Are Furious After Parents Celebrate 5-Year-Old’s Birthday At Hooters

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Parents often share pictures or videos of their children especially after special occasions like a holiday, the first day of school or a birthday party. People on social media are also ready to pounce and shame parents if they share any sort of parenting approach that they disagree with.

Many kids have birthday parties at places like Chuck E Cheese, a local park or an indoor playground. When Zander turned 5 years old, his parents took him to a restaurant that many feel was a parenting fail. They celebrated his birthday at Hooters.

In a video posted by Zander’s mom, Darby Allison, we see little Zander surrounded by Hooters waitresses as they help him stand on a chair. Then, one of the waitresses puts a piece of folded paper in Zander’s mouth to resemble a beak, and gives him a round metal tray to hold in each hand and “flap” so that he looks kind of like an owl while they sing to him for his birthday.

Zander didn’t “flap” his pretend wings at first, so another waitress came over to help him while the song continued. In the end, everyone at Hooters cheered for him, but everyone online is not cheering for this 5 year old party idea.

@darbyallison19 Shouldn’t have told them it was your birthday buddy 😂 #embarrased #hooters #fyp #happybirthday #MadeWithKeurigContest ♬ original sound – Darby Allison

Multiple people commented that the restaurant was probably a decision made by the boy’s dad. One comment reads, “Seems like the dad’s birthday more than the kid’s.”

Another person wrote, “Mom will be giving dad the death stare later,” to which Zander’s mom responded, “I’m mom, it was all good.”

Then many people commented on the video that Hooters was not an appropriate birthday location for such a young boy. Many joked about this party changing Zander’s interests to more grown up things. One person wrote, “Later that evening Zander went home and decided he didn’t want to play with his legos anymore.”

Another comment reads, “The day little tommy did not want to play video games no more.”

The parents don’t seem bothered by the comments. The boy’s mother responded to the comments with laughing emojis.

Do you think it was inappropriate to celebrate a 5 year old boy’s birthday at Hooters?