5-Year-Old Had The Crowd Going Crazy As Soon As Her Song Started Playing


Some people go their whole lives never really finding a passion for a hobby, activity or career. They go through life, perhaps perfectly happy, but without being exceptionally great at any one thing, and that’s okay. We can’t all excel at everything after all.

Then there are other people who are born with a passion and talent for something. Almost from the moment they’re born, they excel at something, blowing away the competition, and they are determined not to let anything stand in their way.

Obviously, if a young child is striving to achieve something, it takes their parents’ time, energy and passion to help them achieve their dreams. Roxy Brennan has that.

Brennan’s mom manages her Instagram account where she posts pictures of the young dancer who has been dancing exceptionally well since she was just a toddler.

The young dancer is currently in fourth grade, but she began dancing long before she started grade school. In one compilation video, we see Brennan dancing from as young as age 3, and she was already dancing better than many people ever will.

While Brennan has performed many amazing dance numbers, there’s one in particular that caught our attention. At the age of 5, Brennan performed to the song “Maniac,” and she left the crowd cheering.

Before the performance started, someone in the crowd yelled out, “Get it Rox!” Someone else yelled, “Come on, girl!” Then, the music started, and after just a few notes, Brennan was in the zone. She wowed the audience.

Watch the video below to see this amazing performance for yourself. Remember – she’s just 5 years old in this video.

Many people commented on this video sharing how impressed they were with Brennan’s performance. One comment reads, “She’s not only well rehearsed but strong. What endurance! That’s a hard routine! Go little one!”

Another person commented, “A lot of energy and Lots of advanced moves for a little girl that young! Shes already an amazing performer!”

What do you think of Brennan’s performance?