Can’t Lose Weight? Maybe It’s Your Thyroid. Here’s What You Can Do.

Losing weight always SOUNDS easy: eat healthy foods, work out, and get sufficient sleep. For many of us, though, that simple formula doesn’t lead to dropping any pounds at all. If you’ve ever completely overhauled your diet and exercise plan only to see that number on the scale stay the same, you know how disheartening it can be, and you probably know the temptation to give-up entirely. For you, friends, some comfort: it’s not your fault. The problem could lie, instead, with your thyroid, and that problem can make the “eating healthy” component just a little more complicated. Thankfully, The Whole Journey is here to enlighten us all and teach us which nutrients can help get that thyroid under control. Watch to see which foods may help you finally crack the weight-loss code, and of course, consult your doctor if you suspect you have any of the conditions mentioned.