5 Homemade Sunburn Remedies

Do you have a sunburn yet? As I’m gearing up for spending this Fourth of July weekend on the beach, I’m aiming to avoid that awful yearly sunburn. However, as much as we may try, there is sometimes no avoiding the burn if you choose to spend multiple days basking in the summer sun.

Here are a few of the homemade remedies that Thrifty Hearts came up with for soothing and curing those dreaded sunburns:

    • Vinegar: spray apple or white vinegar on a burn or apply with a cotton ball and let dry. This will take away the itching and burning and help to prevent peeling.
    • Tea or Tea Bags: as it may be difficult to apply tea bags to a big burn, brew some tea, let it cool and apply to skin with a rag. Try this remedy 2-3 times a day until pain stops and redness fades.
    • Mustard: seems a bit strange, but apparently people swear by this method. Smear burnt skin with mustard and let it dry. Wash off and the sting should have subsided. This remedy should also help to prevent further blistering.

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