3 Young Ladies Line Up With Their Violins, But It’s Their Dance Moves That Are Causing A Stir

Hillary Klug

In a world where news usually means bad news, sometimes it can be helpful to get a much needed break from all the stress. Sometimes what we really need is to be entertained.

Entertainment doesn’t have to involve over the top production numbers or fancy costumes. Sometimes the simplest forms of entertainment are the best. Good music. Good dancing. True talent without a lot of fancy show that is more distracting and overstimulating than anything else.

Hillary Klug is a master at playing the violin, or in the style that she plays it, the fiddle. Her music is old-fashioned country Americana at it’s best.

In one particularly impressive video that Klug admits was harder than it looked to pull off, she not only flawlessly plays the fiddle, but she also sings and dances while playing with perfect timing and choreography.

About halfway through the video, Klug triples herself with two additional Klugs walking on screen to perform as her backup dancers. The choreography is flawless, and viewers are raving.

One viewer wrote, “I accidentally came across this video, I am so glad that I did. She has so much talent. Violin, singing, and dancing, fantastic! I was transfixed from the very second I started watching this. Simply beautiful, Thank you.”

Another viewer wrote, “I came here at the end of a day full of bad news, and I was genuinely impressed by your performance! I leave with a smile and a lighter heart – Thank you Hillary!”

Yet another comment explains, “What people don’t know is how hard it is to play a musical instrument and sing and dance all at the same time. Absolutely fabulous.”

Be sure to watch all the way to the end of the video to hear Klug talk about what it took to make this video including all of the trial and error as far as finding the perfect location and getting everything exactly right.

What did you think of Klug’s performance?