3 Ways to Improve Your Health in 60 Seconds

It seems like most people today are aiming to lose weight or at least live a healthier lifestyle. But making major life changes all at once can be truly difficult. If you’re looking to start small, try some of these simple tricks:

Beat Snack Cravings

One of the best ways to ward off after-dinner snack cravings? Brush your teeth!

“My favorite after-dinner snack is brushing my teeth,” she says. “If I did have a sweet craving, after brushing, it’s long gone.” Not only will brushing help alleviate cravings, but the minty taste left in your mouth will ruin the taste of any unhealthy snack you reach for. And this is one case where the lazy factor works to your advantage: “If I do really want to get something else to eat, I probably won’t because I’m too lazy to go brush my teeth again,” says Enos.

Suppress Your Appetite

Another way to ward off cravings is to make sure that you stay fuller for longer. A tablespoon of falxseed can help you curb your appetite whenever you need it. If you can’t take the tablespoon of flaxseed on its own, then try adding some peanut butter to an apple slice and adding a dash of flaxseed to the top.

Stand Up

Whenever you think to do it, stand up. We’ve already talked about what happens when you sit for too long. It’s bad for people to sit for an extended period of time throughout the day. So you can help yourself out, even at work, by taking 5-10 minutes per hour to stand up and walk around. And whenever you think to, just stand up!

Thanks to Everyday Health for the tips!

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