27-Year Old Reporter Talks About Fighting Coronavirus After 11-Day Stay in the Hospital

Many people believe that the coronavirus isn’t all that serious if you’re young and otherwise healthy, but that is not always the case.

Lindsey Gough is a 27-year-old news reporter. She had been covering the coronavirus story for months, and she wasn’t all that worried about catching the virus. She thought that if she got COVID-19 she would feel sick for a couple weeks, but then she would feel better and it would be over.

June 19th was her 27th birthday. The very next day, on June 20th, she was working on Hilton Head Island covering the RVC Heritage, the return of pro golf. It doesn’t look like she was wearing a face mask, at least not on air.

That night, she felt really tired, but she assumed it was from a long work week. She had 3 days off work, and she spent most of that time sleeping, again, assuming she was just tired from working too hard.

On June 23rd, she started feeling like she had the flu. In an interview with CNN, she shared that she had “pretty much every coronavirus symptom that there is except for the fever and shortness of breath.”

She finally got tested for coronavirus on June 26th, and she got her test results on the 30th. She had tested positive for COVID-19. At this point, someone she interviewed at the RVC Heritage reached out to her to let her know that they had also tested positive for COVID-19.

After being sick for two weeks, she started to feel better, but then the flu-like symptoms came back. This time, the symptoms were much more intense, and she ended up being hospitalized for 11 days.

Watch Gough’s interview in the video below to find out what finally prompted her to go to the ER and what she would like young people to know about COVID-19.

Does it surprise you that someone young and healthy would get so severely sick from COVID-19? Does it surprise you that a reporter wouldn’t fully understand why serious COVID-19 is until she got sick?