23-Year-Old Student Nurse Died While Stranded In Her Car

Snow. It’s beautiful in pictures and winter scenes. It’s fun to play in as a kid, building snowmen and making snow angels. It’s great for skiing and snowboarding.

Snow. It’s also dangerous, destructive and in some cases deadly.

In case you live somewhere warm and have missed the news, there are parts of the country that have been receiving more than their fair share of snow recently. One of those places is Buffalo, New York.

Call it a snowstorm. Call it a blizzard. Whatever you call it, the snow just kept falling, making it extremely dangerous for anyone on the roads.

According to CNN, Buffalo received 52 inches of snow during Christmas weekend and 37 people died. Some of those people died because they were trapped in their cars. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said, “People … got stranded in their vehicles and passed away in their cars. We have people that were walking during blizzard conditions and passed away on the street, passed away in snowbanks, and we have people that were found that passed away in their homes.” 

One of the people who died while stranded in her car was a 23-year-old student nurse named Anndel Taylor. Her sister posted a TikTok showing screenshots of her last communication with her sister via a group text.

In the texts, Anndel told her sisters that she was “Stuck in a f***ing blizzard.” She also showed her sisters a picture of just how high the snow was against her car. She could barely even open the door.

Anndel shared that she had called the fire department and was told that the police were on their way, but they never ended up showing up, at least, not before it was too late. She first got stuck at 3pm, and hours and hours later she was still waiting for help. She ended up deciding to go to sleep in her car with the car still on so she’d have heat.

That was December 23rd. At 9pm on Christmas Eve, a rescue crew finally found her, but it was too late. She had died in her car. They didn’t remove her body until 7pm the next day, Christmas day.

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According to TMZ, Anndel’s mother believes that she might have died due to carbon monoxide poisoning since the engine of her car was running while she was asleep. She believes the snow may have covered her exhaust pipe.

In order to cover funeral costs and to transport Anndel to her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, her family has set up a GoFundMe which has already raised over $43,000.