21-Year-Old Mom Says No One Is Taking Her Seriously About Her Teenage Daughter

@hunterenelson via TikTok

Usually there’s about a 20 to 30 year or more age gap between children and their parents. Sure, there are some people who become parents as teenagers, but even then, there would most likely be a minimum of say 13 years in age difference.

What about a 6 year age gap? Could a 21 year old be the mom to a 15 years old? No. That sounds impossible, right?

That’s exactly what many people thought when Hunter Nelson posted a video on TikTok where she explained that she was “overthinking” about being 21 and raising a 15 year old. The text on the video reads, “me driving down the road and realizing I’m 21 with a 15 year old.”

The video raised a lot of eyebrows as many people assumed that she was claiming to be the biological mother to a 15 year old. One comment reads, “U WERE SIX WHEN YOU HAD A BABY.”

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Not exactly. The 15 year old that Nelson is raising as her daughter is actually her biological sister. In other videos and comments, she explained that their dad died, and after their mom died, she decided to take in her sister. She still has a job and goes to college, but she makes sacrifices to prioritize raising her sister.

In a follow-up video, Nelson responds to a comment where she was asked if she really had a baby when she was six. Nelson’s response was, “Yes, I actually did. She’s right here.”

Then, Nelson shows her sister on camera, and she says, “I don’t know my dad.”

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In the comments, Nelson explains, “apparently I need to clarify… this video is a joke. We made it due to the amount of people asking if I had a baby at 6.”

Nelson posts a lot of videos about her experience raising her sister, and a lot of people have commented that they are in a similar situation, being early 20s and also raising teenage siblings. Many viewers leave encouraging messages for Nelson in their comments, praising her for taking her sister in and giving her advice on how to be taken seriously.