2-Year-Old Learns How to Perform Perfect CPR with the Help of Baby Shark

If you have “Baby Shark” stuck in your head, that might actually be a good thing, like a life-saving good thing. Really.

In case you don’t have a toddler obsessed with the tune in your home, “Baby Shark” is a hit song that has an animated video on YouTube, hand motions all the kids know and even a series coming to Netflix. Many parents of young children have heard the song more times than they can count.

Now, we’ve learned a fun fact about “Baby Shark.” It has between 100 and 120 beats per minute. Why is this important? If you’re in an emergency situation and need to perform CPR, you can perform chest compressions to the rhythm of “Baby Shark.”

Most CPR instructors tell students to think of the song “Stayin Alive,” but how many kids do you know who know that song? If you want your kids to learn CPR, it’ll be much easier for them to learn if they can use a song they already know. Trust us; they know “Baby Shark.”

Speaking of kids learning CPR, apparently, kids as young as 2 years old can actually perform CPR. Really.

Saige Pietroforte is only 2 years old, and she already knows how to perform CPR perfectly. Really, again. Granted, she has an advantage. Her dad, Chris, is a CPR instructor.

Chris posted a video of Saige performing CPR on Facebook, and he had the song “Baby Shark” playing in the background. Yup. Perfect rhythm. The text he included with the post read, “If this beautiful 2-year-old can learn CPR/AED, what’s stopping you?”

Chris actually takes Saige with him when he’s teaching CPR classes. He has her perform CPR for the students. He said, “I teach and she demonstrates how to do it.” He went on to explain, “So she’s in there and I tell people that if they can’t outdo her, they won’t pass, and that’s actually happened a couple times. I had someone drop out of an EMT class because she outdid him and he was embarrassed and he left because he didn’t wanna be outdone by a 2-year-old.”

Let’s not be concerned about being outdone by a 2-year-old. Let’s be motivated by it. If she can do it, anyone can. Perhaps all of our kids should learn CPR. We seriously wouldn’t mind listening to “Baby Shark” if would mean they could save a life.

Watch Saige perform CPR in the video below.

Do you know CPR? Does it surprise you to know that a 2-year-old can perform CPR?