Women Have Done These 17 Unfathomable Things In the Name of Beauty

Many women want to be considered beautiful, and some of them are willing to do very strange sounding things in the name of beauty. What exactly those strange things are has changed throughout the years as technology changes and as fashion trends change.

Some of today’s beauty practices might be considered weird someday, but there are many beauty rituals from the past that look pretty weird right now. From techniques to remove freckles to machines that were supposed to make dimples, beauty can be bizarre.

Scroll down to see 17 examples of strange things women have done in the name of beauty.

  1. A Competition for the Best Ankles

    A policeman judges an ankle competition at Hounslow, London 1930 [1044×816] from r/HistoryPorn

  2. Dimple Machine

    This machine was invented in 1936, and it was supposed to leave dimples in a woman’s cheeks.

  3. Literally Straightening Your Hair with an Iron

    This could not be good for your hair, but it probably worked really well.

  4. Get a Suntan from a Vending Machine

    Suntan vending machine, 1949 from r/OldSchoolCool

  5. A Face Mask That Uses Ice Cubes

  6. How Not to Get Freckles

    Women would wear this unusual cape with built-in sunglasses to the beach or the pool to protect their skin.

  7. Tape Worm Diet

    This sounds like a very bad way to lose weight.

  8. Wooden Swimsuits

    They probably helped the women who wore them stay afloat.

  9. Portable Hair Dryer

    You may have seen your mother or grandmother use one of these machines.

  10. A Not-So Portable Hair Dryer

  11. How Women Got Rid of Wrinkles in the ’20s

  12. A Bizarre Bra

    This bra would vibrate while the woman was wearing it. It was supposed to strengthen a woman’s bust.

  13. A Warming Face Mask

  14. Old-Fashioned DIY Nose Job

    This nose-shaping device was not just for women.

  15. Magnetic Corset

    Although x-rays of women who wore corsets show injuries and displaced ribs, they were advertised as being beneficial not just for beauty but for health and strength.

  16. Chin Reducer

    This bizarre looking contraption was advertised as a way to prevent and remove a double chin.

  17. Foot Binding

    In order to make their feet look smaller, Chinese women completely disfigured their toes.