15 Couples Who Lost So Much Weight Together

You know what they say, the couple who loses together, stays together – loses weight, that is. When these 15 couples set out to lose weight, they knew they needed to do it together. Studies show that losing weight with someone else – whether it’s a friend, a family members, or a partner – keeps you more on track and therefore produces better results. That much is clear based on these results! You won’t believe what these 15 couples look like after losing weight; some of them are unrecognizable.

  1. Married Couple

    This couple lost nearly 140 pounds – and they look even better than they did on their special day, over 22 years ago!

  2. Michelle and Pete

    Michelle and Pete were competing to see who between them could lose weight first. As a result, they lost over 190 pounds.

  3. John and Lisa

    These “Thincredibles” lost 330 pounds between them. Amazing!

  4. Older Couple

    This couple just goes to show, you can lose massive amounts of weight no matter what your age! Between them, this couple lost 200 lbs.

  5. Noel and Leisa

    Together, Noel and Leisa lost a combined 335 pounds! Now the two can fit in one of their old t-shirts…together.

  6. Joanne and Barry

    Just by stopping their intake of junk food, Joanne and Barry lost 630 pounds together. This is an incredible achievement, so congrats to them!

  7. Bryce and Amber

    For their wedding day, Bryce and Amber lost a combined 185 pounds. And they looked amazing on their special day!

  8. Body Building Couple

    Although this couple struggled at first to get in shape, they’ve now got body building figures! They don’t even look like the same couple in the before and after pictures.

  9. Mark and Louise

    After their gothic Scottish wedding, this couple decided it was time to lose weight and they ended up loses 210 lbs. They look amazing – and we love that they kept their same style, no matter what.

  10. Plus Sized Couple

    We love this couple showing off their old plus sized clothes! It’s incredible that they ever needed those clothes.

  11. Danny and Kalean

    When Danny and Kalean decided to take good care of their health and change their lifestyle, they lost 325 amazing pounds.

  12. Angela and Husband

    On their blog “We Beat Fat,” Angela and her husband chronicle how they lost a collective 500 pounds in 2 years!

  13. Wedding Couple

    To prepare for their wedding day, this young couple lost a combined 133 pounds. They look amazing!

  14. Claire and Steven

    This might be the most incredible transformation of all! Claire and Steven spent five years to get in shape – but their incredible figures must have been well-worth the hard work.

  15. Lindsey and Wayne

    Lindsey and Wayne were named one of the “fattest couples” in Great Britain – which, we’ll just mention, is extremely rude. But the couple beat the haters and lost this “title,” along with 840 pounds. The happiest couple got married in Cuba!

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