These 13 Tweets About Living With Depression Are Spot On

Feeling sad once in a while is normal. The feeling tends to come and go as upsetting things happen in our lives. We may cry, we may yell—this is all part of being a human.

However, when you’re experiencing feelings of sadness for an extended period of time—in addition to things like low energy, loss of appetite, and a lack of interest in things that you once loved, you may be depressed.

Depression, sometimes referred to as major depressive disorder, is experienced by an estimated 16.2 million adults in the United States. It’s pretty common, to say the least.

Even so, a lot of people who aren’t depressed find it hard to understand what depressed people are really feeling inside. They might tell their friend to “just forget about it” or “just try to be happy.” These are well-meaning comments, of course, but unfortunately, these aren’t very helpful for someone who’s clinically depressed.

If you really want to know how a depressed person feels, you have to go to the source: The people who experience it every day. These tweets give just a glimpse of what it’s like for people living with depression:

1. “I miss the old me”

2. “It hits when everything’s right”

3. “Wake up feeling alone”

4. “It’s feeling everything and nothing”

5. “You know you should get it fixed”

6. “You have nothing”

7. “Everything is darker”

8. “You’re always tired”

9. “I can’t get genuinely excited”

10. “You can’t just get rid of it”

11. “You dread the day ahead”

12. “It hurts everyone else around you”

13. “Your brain feels like it’s completely worn out”

Have you ever been depressed? Can you relate to any of these tweets?