13 Clever ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Ideas


If you’re a parent and your family celebrates Christmas, chances are you have at least one Elf on the shelf. While kids love looking for their elves each day, it can be a little bit more complicated for the parents. While we’re more than halfway through the elf-moving season, you may be running out of ideas about what your elf could be doing while the kids sleep.

Here are 15 clever ideas for your Elf on the Shelf as seen on social media.

  1. Ironing the Chips

  2. Sponge Cake

  3. Reading the Bible and Praying

  4. An Elf Version of a Hot Tub

  5. Ice-Cream for Dinner

  6. Elfie Booth

  7. Bananas Become Minions

  8. “Lemonade”

  9. Elf Racing

  10. Grinch Kebabs

  11. Build a Snowman

  12. (& 13) Maybe When They’re A Little Bit Older …