Stop Rubbing VapoRub on Your Chest. Here Are 10 Better Ways to Use It.

OK, you don’t have to STOP rubbing Vicks VapoRub into your chest. Just don’t ONLY use it for that purpose when it can do so much more. Little Things recently opened our eyes to just how many uses there are for the mentholated ointment. You know how comforted and soothed you felt when you first tried it out during a heavy cold? You’ll get that feeling all the time. We picked out our favorite, most surprising ways. Just look at all it can do!

  1. Hide horrible smells.

    This trick gets the stamp of approval from none other than nurses! Spread a little beneath your nose for continuous cover-up, or rub some into your hands for a quick whiff whenever you encounter terrible stenches. You’ll breathe better, too!

  2. Heal headaches.

    Yes, even tough sinus ones. Just rub a little bit of it into your temples and forehead.

  3. Keep mosquitos away.

    Mosquitos – and other insects! – absolutely hate the smell of Vicks VapoRub, so use it to repel them by rubbing some into your neck, inner knees, elbows, behind your ears, or even your clothes. You can also open a jar on a table outside to act as a general repellant.

  4. Remove ticks.

    If you get bit by this most annoying of burrowing pests, fear not! They hate Vicks VapoRub just as much as mosquitos, so if you rub some into your skin, it can encourage it to crawl out, let go and leave you alone.

  5. Act as a lip balm.

    Run out of Chapstick? Rub some VapoRub on your chapped lips instead for soothing, smoothing treatment.

  6. Sleep more soundly.

    You already know you’ll sleep better with a humidifier, but it can get even better— with Vicks. You don’t even have to buy the specialty kind of humidifier or liquid. Just put a little bit of the regular stuff in the compartment and snooze away.

  7. Heal your heels.

    If you have cracked or callused feet, you don’t need to run out for an expensive pedicure or fancy lotions. Just rub some VapoRub in there, put on some socks, and go to sleep!

  8. Treat acne.

    All you need to do is spread VapoRub over every acne-prone area. You’ll start to see results within a week!

  9. Erase stretch marks.

    It sounds crazy, but people swear by this trick. Rub it into your stretch marks and after two weeks, you’ll notice a difference.

  10. Housetrain your pets.

    While we find relief in the smell of VapoRub, pets definitely do not. Place an open jar near the areas you’d most like to prevent your dog from having accidents, or next to the entrance of rooms you don’t want your pets to enter, and they’ll avoid it!

Who would have guessed these crazy uses? Have you ever heard any of them before? There’s more where they came from, too. Check out these lists from Little Things and Feminiya for more ideas, and tell us how you use this multipurpose product in YOUR life.