Twitter User Shares 10 Incredibly Helpful Pieces of Advice On Life

Most of us have probably been given advice at some point in time. Perhaps we asked for advice. Perhaps the advice was offered by a well-meaning friend, family member or even a complete stranger. Often, the advice we receive is not actually helpful, but every once in awhile, there is something we learn that we wish we had known years ago.

We’ve learned lots of tips and hacks of social media sites like TikTok and Reddit, but often you have to dig through the muck to find something that’s really helpful. Twitter user Chris Hladczuk decided to do just that. He dug through Reddit’s Pro Life Tips to find the pieces of advice that are the most helpful, and he didn’t keep this advice to himself. He shared it in a Twitter thread.

Scroll down to discover 10 potentially life-changing pieces of advice.