Zooey Deschanel Shares Rare Photo of Her 2 Kids with Jonathan Scott and Ex-Husband

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As always seems to happen around Father’s Day, we’ve seen a lot of social media posts about fathers and father figures recently. The royal family posted a never-before-seen snap of Prince William with his children, and actress Zooey Deschanel posted a picture of her and her sister, Emily Deschanel, with their father.


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Zooey is a mom to two children, 6-year-old Elsie and 5-year-old Charlie. Their father is Zooey’s second husband, Jacob Pechenik. The couple filed for divorce in 2019 and were officially divorced in 2020. During that time, Zooey met her current beau, Jonathan Scott.

Zooey and Jonathan first met on the show “Carpool Karaoke.” They were on the show with their siblings. Zooey was joined by her sister, Emily, and Jonathan was joined by his twin brother, Drew Scott. Zooey and Jonathan hit it off right away and have been dating pretty much ever since. The pandemic only brought them closer together as they got to spend a lot of time together during quarantines.

Not all exes get along. Not all exes are civil with each other. Not all exes are civil with the new man or woman in their former spouse’s life. Zooey, Jacob and Jonathan seem to be an exception.

While Zooey took Father’s Day as a day to give a shout out to her own father on social media, the very next day, she gave a shout out to the father of her children and the other father figure in her children’s lives, her significant other, Jonathan.

Zooey shared a rare photo of Jacob and Jonathan together with her children. In the picture, Elsie sits on top of Jonathan’s shoulders while Charlie sits on top of Jacob’s shoulders. The two men stand side-by-side smiling at the camera. Zooey wrote, “So thankful my kids have these two awesome guys in their lives: @jonathanscott and their dad @jacobpechenik.”


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In 2021, Jonathan and Zooey bought what they are calling their “forever home” together, and they have been renovating it ever since. Jonathan told TODAY, “We literally designed this house, so that … my hope is it will stay in the family forever, our kids will take it over, and then their kids will take it over.” He added, “I waited my whole life to find Zooey, and I’ve now waited my whole life to have my dream home with someone like Zooey.”

Now that the the home renovation is complete, they have shared several reveal photos with fans in the summer issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal.

Does it surprise you that Zooey’s current beau and ex-husband seem to get along?