Zac Efron ‘Busted’ His Grandfather Out Of Nursing Home So They Could Watch the Euro Cup


There’s nothing like quality time with your grandparents—which is exactly why High School Musical star Zac Efron decided to bust his grandfather out of his nursing home, just so they could spend the night together watching the Euro Cup.

It’s all captured in the most adorable, wholesome TikTok video set to the Mission: Impossible theme, captioning it, “We’re coming Grandpa!”

Zac is seen wearing a black face mask and a baseball cap to really complete the escape vibe, and begins the video saying “Time to bust Grandpa out of here!” before darting into the nursing home to grab him.

Inside the nursing home, Zac sneaks past the workers and does a somersault before he steals an employees’ badge to open up his grandpa’s door. His grandpa is seen ready to go in his doorway in his wheelchair, as if he was waiting for his grandson to get him!

“Let’s get out of here,” Grandpa says, throwing his cap on his head, before Zac wheels him out of the home.

The two then proceed to go and have a lovely adventure together, with Grandpa’s first stop for a diet coke that he drinks as if he hasn’t had one in ages. Then the two enjoy the evening cheering on their teams in the 2021 UEFA European Championship game between Italy and England. What a lovely day!

We’re not the only ones who think so—the video received more than 8 million videos with thousands and thousands of comments praising the cute moment.

“Freaking adorable….I hope you had an awesome day together!!” someone wrote.

“Funniest thing ever!!” another fan commented on the video. “Gotta love your grandpa. He’s so awesome!”

“Grandpa is the sweetest!” another person noted. “He must have been so stoked to see you guys.”

At the end of the video, Zac admits that his grandfather is probably better at acting than he is. We’re not sure about that one, but he is pretty darn adorable!

“Grandpa deserves an Oscar,” one fan agreed.

Wait—so does that mean the whole thing was a set-up? Darn!

Watch the whole thing below, and try not to smile at how wholesome it is.


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What’s the most memorable day you’ve ever spent with your grandfather or grandmother? Would you ever go through these lengths to spend quality time together? What do you think of Zac’s video?