YouTuber Faces Backlash For Filling Girlfriend’s Bath With Fabric Dye and Turning Her Skin Blue

Social media can be an interesting beast. It can be entertaining, such as watching humorous videos. It can bring people together, such as when you reconnect with that long lost friend from high school. It can also be, well, taken too far.

Some people are really into getting their followers to like and comment on their videos. These influencers are 100% looking for your attention, but when is enough enough?

YouTuber Kristen Hanby and his girlfriend, Jasmine, like to play pranks on each other and post the videos on social media. This can be all in good fun, especially since they both like to prank each other, but there is a line that should not be crossed. Many of their followers think Hanby crossed that line in a recent prank.

In the video, which Hanby shared on TikTok, it starts out that it seems like he’s doing something nice for his girlfriend. He is drawing her a bath. Most ladies would probably find that a really sweet gesture.

The problem is that Hanby is being anything but sweet. He pours blue fabric dye into the bath water, and his girlfriend has no idea.

We see Jasmine walk across the hall and disappear into the bathroom. Then, one hour later, Jasmine screams. Hanby walks down the hallway to the bathroom, and Jasmine is wrapped in a towel, an angry expression on her face, and her skin is blue from the neck down.

Jasmine does not seem to see the humor in this situation at all, and neither do Hanby’s followers; however, Hanby just laughs and laughs thinking this is the best prank ever. Watch the video for yourself and see if you think Hanby went too far.

Multiple people have commented that this is domestic abuse and should not be encouraged.


Do you think Hanby went too far? How would you react if you were in Jasmine’s situation? Would you break up with him or would you laugh it off and prank him back?