9 Things Your Hair Stylist Wish You Knew Before Coming to the Salon

When you walk into a hair salon, you expect courtesy and professionalism from the people who work there. Talent and great service are two things that will turn you into a repeat customer, but do you ever think about what makes you a good customer?

If you’re feeling little bit clueless about salon do’s and don’ts, then you’ll find this input from hair stylists to be just what you need. Hairdressers and barbers are trained to provide a professional service but they also encounter clients who have a range of personalities and habits. Their job is not always easy.

What helps is having good clients. From tipping to awkward small talk, we’ve compiled some nuggets of advice from around the web to help you polish up your beauty salon readiness.

  1. Tipping

    As with many professions that provide personalized service, tipping is customary if you are happy with the result. The standard is between 15% and 20%, and if you’re feeling extra generous, go for 25%. It’s also important to note that ultimately, tipping is up to you.

  2. Phone Manners

    Most hairdressers don’t mind if you’re texting or playing a game on your phone, but when it comes to talking, it’s a hard no. Not only do they view it as rude, but it can disrupt the job they’re trying to do. So, some texting is okay, but no distracting phone conversations, please.

  3. Convos

    We know the salon is place where you should be able to relax and let down your hair, but don’t fall into the category of someone who gives TMI in conversations. Being loud, overly gossipy, or an oversharing chatterbox doesn’t always win fans.

    But some of this depends on the stylist and your rapport with them. If your hairdresser is a good friend and confidant, you’re aces. Just be sure other clients aren’t in your personal business. On the flip side, if you prefer silence, don’t feel obligated to chit-chat.

  4. Keep Appointment Times

    Running more than 15 to 20 minutes late can set your stylists back for the day, so be sure to call if you run into a problem. The team will usually try to work with things out with you.

    Sometimes they’ll be able to adjust and sometimes you’ll need to reschedule. For cancellations, try to do so at least 24 hours in advance, but don’t be a no-call, no show. It’s rude and unfair to your stylist.

  5. Bring a Photo

    Clients will often see a style on Pinterest or in a magazine that they love and want to reproduce it. Your hairdresser will welcome it if you have a photo on hand to give them an idea of the color, style, or cut that you want for your hair. In some cases, it’s easier than relying on a verbal description.

  6. Be Patient and Manage Your Expectations

    Know that your ‘do will take time and depending on what you need, may even go past the 30 minutes you expected. From Reddit: “My missus is a hair dresser and hates it when girls with 12 inch long jet black hair with split ends come in and expect to leave an hour later with bright blonde hair the same length.”

    Some coloring jobs won’t happen instantly and getting the length you want may take longer than you think. The same goes for other styles. Be fair.

  7. Know the Cost

    Usually, the receptionist or stylist will let you know how much your services will cost when you make your appointment. But what if you decide to get highlights or you change your mind? Check the salon’s pricing but also verify with your hairdresser what the total cost will be so no one is shocked, and pay for the service you receive.

  8. Sit Still

    Are you someone who fidgets or moves your head around how and when you want to? Do you like to touch your hair and stare at every movement of the comb? Please keep still.

    One main complaint of stylists on Reddit forums is about clients who move around too much. One wrong move can mess up your style or it can take the stylist longer to finish as she keeps having to adjust your head.

  9. Communicate Your Wants, Hair Status, and Dissatisfaction

    If you’ve been using color treatments or other products at home, tell your stylist. If you don’t want your hair trimmed down to a certain length, say so. Communication is key when it comes to a hairdresser doing a great job and not damaging your hair.

    Don’t sit there with a smile on your face if you hate what’s been done to your hair. Even if you don’t feel comfortable telling your stylist that you’re unhappy with your hair face-to-face, take the time to call when you arrive home or the next day.

Stylists would love for you to speak up, so shy people should not be afraid to do so or ask questions if you’re unhappy or uncomfortable with your experience. Be tactful and honest so that you and your hairdresser can get on the same page.

Have you ever wondered about unwritten salon rules or etiquette? Are you a generous tipper when it comes to your stylist? Are you a hairdresser who wants to share some tips for clients?