You Might Be “Old” Now If You Recognize the Things In These 17 Photos

At some point, many of us begin to wonder: At what point are you really considered “old”? Is it when your back starts hurting and you need to see a chiropractor regularly? When your hair turns gray? When your bedtime is officially that of a toddler’s?

Sure, it could be considered any of those things. But do you know how we consider if you’re old? By seeing if you remember random things that were from a really long time ago—likely your early childhood, making you old, old old.

Okay, we’re just pulling your tail. You’re only as old as you feel. But…tell us how old you feel after seeing these 17 photos:

  1. This Hoppin’ Friday Night Location

  2. You Know What Soda Cap Game This Came From

  3. You Know This Guy’s Name

  4. Your Favorite Letter Was “S”

  5. This Car Accessory

  6. You Spent Your Life Using This Program

  7. This Iconic Tag

  8. This Ancient Artifact

  9. This Cartoon Speaks to You

  10. The Significance of Channel 3

  11. This Wendy’s Packaging, Which Looks Much Different Now

  12. You Can Recognize What this Store Used to Be

  13. This Game Console

  14. This Restaurant Turned Learning Center

  15. 2000s Life

  16. You Can Hear The Crackles Through These Speakers

  17. You’ve Used This on a Plane