Woman Writes Letter in Sidewalk Chalk Addressing ‘Karen’ Who Complained to Co-op About Toddler’s Outdoor Art

@AshWrites via Twitter

The pandemic has been hard for all of us, but just imagine how hard it must be for children. In order to keep their children safe, many parents stopped taking them to places they would otherwise go, like parks and museums. They stopped hanging out with friends in person. They spent much more time at home.

A mom named Ashley Woodfolk used sidewalk chalk as a way to keep her toddler entertained while staying home. The pair would go out to the courtyard of the co-op where they live and write and draw in the colorful chalk. Unfortunately, there was one person at the co-op who disliked seeing the colorful chalk in the courtyard so much that she complained to the co-op board.

In response to the complaint, Woodfolk decided to write this “Karen” a letter. She didn’t write it on paper. Instead, she thought it would be much more appropriate to write it in colorful sidewalk chalk in the courtyard.

In the letter, Woodfolk explained, “This will be my last time using sidewalk chalk in the courtyard since it seems to be such a problem for you (and only you).” She went on to explain that the sidewalk chalk “brought my toddler joy” and “helped him learn all of his letters and most of his numbers.” She added that due to the pandemic, she hasn’t been taking her toddler to the movies or museums. Instead, “the courtyard was a safe space.” She ended her letter by writing that “every time it rains, rain that would have washed away any colorful ABCs I wrote on the ground,” she hopes Karen thinks of her.

Woodfolk shared the letter on Twitter, and it quickly went viral.

Many people wrote comments sharing how much they love sidewalk chalk, and one person is even sending Woodfolk more chalk for her toddler.

Why do you think one neighbor was so bothered by the sidewalk chalk that she complained about it to the co-op board? Do you like sidewalk chalk?