Colorado Doctor Has Created a Wristband That Gives Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

WKYC Studios

When you get vaccinated for COVID-19, you get a paper card to carry around that is your proof of vaccination. If you ever need to prove to anyone, like a school or business, that you are vaccinated, you need to show them that card.

A paper card can be easy to lose. It could also get damaged pretty easily. Surely there’s a better, more secure way to prove you’re vaccinated.

One doctor has come up with a solution. It’s a wristband called the ImmunaBand. Each wristband includes a QR code that is easy to scan, and when scanned, it takes you directly to your proof of vaccination information. Unlike a piece of paper, it is not as easy to lose since you wear it like a watch or bracelet. It is also much harder to damage.

Besides being a secure way to access your COVID-19 vaccination information, ImmunaBand is also beneficial because it is a visual yet discrete way for people around you to know that you have been vaccinated.

WKYC interviewed the creator of the ImmunaBand, a doctor in Colorado named Tashof Bernton. Watch the video below to learn more about why he created this band and where it is accepted.

There are currently two versions of the ImmunaBand for sale. The $19.99 version of the band has a QR code that takes you to your vaccination information. The $24.99 version of the band displays the QR code and your name.

So far, people in all 50 states have bought the ImmunaBand. If you haven’t noticed people in your community wearing the ImmunaBand, you might start noticing it now.

Once you order an ImmunaBand, you will need to create an account so that you can upload your proof of vaccination information. Don’t worry; your information will be kept secure. The ImmunaBand website even mentions the potential for businesses to customize the band with a company logo if they order in bulk, for example, if they order a band for each of their employees.

Do you think the ImmunaBand is a good alternative to a paper card? Would you wear an ImmunaBand? Which version of the ImmunaBand would you want to wear?