Real Estate Agent Shares 25 of the Absolute Worst Home Designs Her Fellow Agents Have Encountered

If you’re anything like we are, you get caught up watching al the HGTV shows, wondering why your home isn’t as perfect and cozy as the ones you see on Fixer Upper.

But what HGTV rarely shows is the other end of the spectrum—the homes that aren’t necessarily perfect and cozy. The homes that are flat out strange!

Unless you have an oddball neighbor or family member, you’ve probably never seen an upside-down front door or a toilet decked out with faux butterflies, have you? Well, things are about to get weird up in here.

One real estate broker named Venessa and her agents have seen some pretty weird things in the houses she enters—yes, even that butterfly toilet—and decided she wanted to share the wealth with her Facebook friends. She posted a number of photos of several bizarre things she encountered in people’s homes.

“Being in real estate, I see a lot of weird and random things…these are some that my fellow agents have shared,” she wrote to accompany the photos.

She couldn’t be more right…people have some seriously werird home décor choices. See for yourself in these photos below!

  1. This manly toilet

    Imagine having to see this thing every time you pee. Men have it the worst; they have to FACE it!

  2. This bathroom

    Or is it a dining room? A living room? One of those tiny houses with oddly-placed furniture?

  3. This double railing

    We understand the upstairs railing…but what exactly is the purpose of the one on ground level?

  4. This toilet that’s in touch with nature

    That’s a lot of butterflies for your hiney.

  5. This very yellow bathroom

    Plus, get a load of how many statues are in there to watch you do your business. Kinda creepy!

  6. This oddly placed tub

    I suppose it helps when you want to multi-task taking a bath and baking some cookies.

  7. This claustrophobic toilet

    When you gotta go, you gotta go. But we don’t gotta go THAT badly.

  8. This poorly constructed mirror

    That’s not what we meant when we said we wanted a double mirror.

  9. This crowded bathroom

    We’d fall right down those stairs after getting out of that tub. Also, imagine having to walk across these stairs to wash your hands after every time you went to the bathroom? We won’t even talk about the Jabba the Hutt lookalike and random palm tree.

  10. This curtain fail

    One word: WHY?

  11. This double toilet

    Just in case two people need to go at the same time…?

  12. This colorful kitchen

    At least the kettle matches perfectly.

  13. This weirdly placed fireplace

    We’ve always wanted a mantle over the bathroom sink!

  14. This carpeted bathtub

    …Is is it a bed? Don’t answer that.

  15. This upside-down door

    Maybe it’s a makeshift doggy door? We’ll go with that.

  16. This chandelier that is definitely in the right spot

    Missed it by *that* much.

  17. These quadruple windows

    Maybe one big window was just too expensive.

  18. This very green open concept bedroom

    The mirror on the ceiling really makes it.

  19. This girly bathroom

    Nothing like a floral oasis to do your business in.

  20. This wavy backsplash

    …Get it? Splash…

  21. This fiery bathroom

    Our eyes, they burn! And seriously, what’s with all these stairs?!

  22. This dangerous tub

    All we see is slipping.

  23. And this too-close-for-comfort tub

    It certainly makes it easy if you want to take a bath as soon as you wake up.

  24. This artist-friendly kitchen

    We’re just too dizzy to cook anything.

What do you think of these funky designs? Which one do you think is the #1 worst?