19 of the Worst Designer Fails of All Time

Cnmbnmya & dweebiest via Reddit

Being a designer is no easy task. From a print window ad to a pair of jeans, you really have to think about a lot here. And that’s why many designers mess things up here and there.

We’re not knocking designers; in fact, some of the worst designer fails happen to be some of the funniest ones, too. Check these out and try not to laugh (or mutter, “What were they thinking?!” under your breath.

  1. Tiny Pockets

  2. This Underwear With a Death Wish

  3. This Mysterious Chair

  4. This Creepy Kid’s Mannequin

  5. This Eyebrow-Raising Maze

  6. This Dangerous Bike Path

  7. This Toilet That Isn’t Actually Dirty

  8. Nor is This Mattress

  9. The Anna Doll That Didn’t Get Much Love

  10. This Offensive Mug

  11. This Unfortunate Fastener Placement

  12. These Misplaced Windows

  13. This Soda With Absolutely No Taste At All

  14. These Horror-Movie-Starting Birds

  15. This Man With a Double Moustache

  16. This Poorly Placed Head

  17. And This One

  18. This Silly Easter Toy

  19. This “Botk Nooe”