These 13 Tweets Will Be Relatable For People Who Are Always Worried People Are Mad At Them

Freddie Peña

You know when your friend waits just a BIT too long before answering a text about whether they want to hang out? Or when your coworker hesitates just a BIT too long before giving you feedback on your work project? You might feel like they’re mad at you, even if they aren’t.

If this is a reoccurring feeling for you, you’re going to get a kick out of these tweets from people who think someone is always mad at them.

  1. Lackluster Texts

  2. A Trip to the Dentist

  3. When Someone Doesn’t Reply to Your Email

  4. Literally, EVERYONE Hates You

  5. Paranoia is the Devil

  6. When the Tone Changes

  7. Actually Making People Mad

  8. A Missing “H”

  9. When You Even Piss off the Therapist

  10. Your Friends Are SO Over You

  11. The Lack of Exclamation Point

  12. Just Some Random Thoughts, Ya Know?

  13. But seriously, EVERYONE hates you

Can you relate to these texts? Do you always feel like everyone hates you?