The World’s Biggest Bounce House Could Be Coming to a City Near You

Big Bounce America

When you’re a kid, jumping in a bounce house probably classifies as the most fun ever. You know the feeling—the way you can jump higher than you can on the ground, the way you tumble and fall but then get right back up, the way you knock into the walls and it pushes you back into the ring—it’s the best isn’t it?

The only thing better than your standard bounce house, is, well, bigger bounce houses, right? In this case, the bigger the better!

Luckily, a company called the Big Bounce America creates all kinds of oversized bounce houses for both kids and adults alike. And they were recently featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the world’s biggest bounce house to ever exist!

You’re never going to believe how enormous this thing really is until you see it. We’re talking the bounce house is over 13,000 square feet and stands a whopping 32 feet from the ground. (For the record, the standard size of a commercial grade bounce house is 15×15 feet, fitting between 5 and 10 people).

What’s covered in all that space, you ask? Tons and tons of unique ways to bounce your weekend away and have the time of your life.

“We’ve created a crazy inflatable landscape filled with some of the most amazing, completely customized attractions you’ll have ever seen,” the company states. “Not only does our massive bouncer look spectacular, it really does have something for everyone within its four walls of fun.”

The biggest bounce house in the world contains basketball hoops where you can dunk an air-filled ball higher than you would with one on the ground, plus large climbing towers, a giant slide, a ball pit, oversized couches an chairs (for when you need to take a break from all of that fun, obviously) and last but not least, a colorful inflatable rabbit you can climb.

In addition to the ultimate massive bounce house, the Big Bounce America also has several other enormous bounce houses—from ”The Giant,” which is over 900 feet and contains 50 different obstacles (that lea to a monster slide at the end), to “airSPACE,” the space-themed bounce house with aliens, space ships and more, and the Sport Slam bounce house, which is for the competitive bouncers, complete with its own battling ground to go up against a family member or friend.

The best part of all is that the company travels all over the country, so there’s always a chance they’re local to you. Find out which city they’re heading to next and how to purchase your tickets.

To learn more about these bounce houses, check out the video below!

The Big Bounce 2020 – Family Promo from XL Event Lab on Vimeo.

Would you ever jump in one of these giant bounce houses?