Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Tried On the Same Bridesmaids Dress and They Had Lots to Say About It

Bridesmaids’ dresses: they’re usually ugly, they’re always expensive, and, unfortunately, they’re completely obligatory. If you sense hints of anger and resentment in our voice, then you are quickly picking up on the fact that we just haven’t had the best of luck with these dresses—and we have a feeling we’re not alone here…

Let’s start off with the economics of these gowns. According to a survey conducted by Weddington Way, the average bridesmaid spends roughly $165 on the dress, not including accessories, shoes, and hair and makeup (those will set you back an extra 216 buckaroos). Pretty pricey piece of clothing considering you’re probably just going to wear it once!

Now, let’s talk about the sickly pink, the wretched lavender, or the “was the bride drunk when she picked this yellow?” elephant in the room—the STYLE of the bridesmaids’ gown.

Awful colors aside, one of the worst things about the whole ‘let’s all wear the same exact dress’ concept is the fact that the chosen gown rarely looks smashing on each and every bridesmaid’s unique body type…

…which leads us to the topic of today’s video. Our friends at Glamour asked a group of 15 beautiful women, ranging in sizes 0 to 28, to try on the exact same style of bridesmaids’ dress. As you’ve likely surmised already, the results were pret-ty hilarious.

15 Women. 1 dress. A whole lot of feelings.

Because we think that these bridesmaids do a pretty, darn good job of describing their most horrific wedding experiences themselves, here are some of the most painful, poignant, and all-too-real quotes from the video:

“Being a bridesmaid is: constantly getting texts in a group chat…all the time!”

No truer truth has ever been spoken. Thank, God for unlimited plans!

“One time, I was a bridesmaid in a wedding that took place on St. Patrick’s Day and the dress was green, and I looked like a big, green bean.”

Ok, the bride clearly took her Irish pride way too far on her wedding day!

“I feel like bridesmaids’ dresses run big because they know you’re going to have to alter them anyways and someone’s going to get paid.”

She may sound like a conspiracy theorist, but we think she’s right!

And, our favorite…

“Yes, I wore my bridesmaids’ dress again. It was for an improv event where I walked into the ocean, and essentially ruined it.”

Well, …at least she upcycled the thing. Good on her!

Now that you know the scoop, it’s time for you to watch Glamour’s eye-opening video for yourself. As a bonus, you’ll also be graced with some pretty cool tips for surviving a wedding as a bridesmaid.

And, soon-to-be brides, PLEASE take notes as you’re watching this video. Believe us, you’re whole bridal party will thank you later…

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this video! Can you relate to these bridesmaids’ struggles? Have you ever worn a bridesmaids’ dress that you actually like? What dress type do you think is the most universally flattering?