8 Women Try Guessing Each Other’s Weight (And They’re All Incorrect)

blogilates via YouTube

Ever compare your body to someone else’s? Guilty. We’ve all done it, even subconsciously. For years, the media has depicted what body type you’re supposed to find attractive which, in turn, has led to exaggerated ideas of what a healthy weight is supposed to be.

But can you actually tell what someone weighs simply by looking at them? Can you tell if they have a healthy BMI? And even if you can, does that really make a difference in how you feel about that person?

Cassie, of popular online fitness and wellness site “Blogilates,” recently attempted a social experiment regarding women’s weight. She gathered women of different shapes and sizes in one room and tasked them with one simple thing: To match themselves with the person who they believe weighs the same as they do.

Of course, guessing what someone else weighs can be increasingly uncomfortable—and also super challenging, as this video points out. As all of the women uncomfortably looked around trying not to insult one another, they eventually all matched with someone who seemed to be the same weight as them. Perhaps it was the same shape of their legs, the same muscle tone, a similar build.

The result? All of the women were completely wrong in their guesses!

The point to the video? Cassie wanted to answer some burning questions such as “Why do we allow our weight to control our feelings?” and “Why do we give the scale so much power?” She also dove into the question of “What does BMI really mean?” and “Is body fat percentage actually a better indicator of health?”

The experiment goes so far as to have all of the women then compare their BMI and body fat percentage with the woman who has the same weight as them. The numbers are pretty interesting, and dare we even say shocking.

It turns out the number on the scale and body fat percentage is far from something you can tell just from simply looking at someone else. And it surely does not depict your happiness. The video teaches that people of completely different height, weight, age, ethnicity, and even different diets, can weigh the exact same. For anyone who struggles with challenges regarding weight and feeling good in your own skin, this video is definitely for you.

“Parts of this video were extremely uncomfortable to film, but I hope you guys take away the fact that there is so much more to a person than their number,” Cassie states.

See for yourself the results at this awesome social experiment below!

Were you surprised by the weight comparisons? How do you feel about your own weight after watching this video?