Why Some Women Are Shaving Their Faces

When you imagine somebody shaving their face, you picture a man, right? Women might be expected to follow tons of other beauty rituals, but face-shaving was one we could leave to the guys. Well ladies, you don’t have to start shaving your face, but after you read this tip from Women’s Health, you might want to add it to your routine. If you feel a little weird about it, just call it what the dermatologists do— “dermaplaning.”

Whatever you call it, this method has been around since the days of legendary beauties like Marilyn Monroe. Women’s Health explains:

While old Hollywood legends used a regular-old razor back in the day, the technique has evolved into so-called “dermaplaning,” and fans like myself now use a tool that looks like a brow planer—a small stainless steel blade—to carefully remove peach fuzz from our complexions. What’s really cool is that the motion of the blade on the skin also exfoliates dead cells from the surface, leaving the face exceptionally smooth.

Starlets have long used the method because it’s said to make skin appear flawless in up-close glamour shots. As the trend has spread among bloggers, vloggers, and beauty junkies, the overwhelming conclusion is that it helps makeup blend in effortlessly for a perfect finish that stands up to today’s close-up selfies and HD screens. Experts also say that skin-care products applied to dermaplaned skin absorb more deeply and easily.

Shaving, then, is a great way to exfoliate your skin, and we all know how essential exfoliation is for a lovely, healthy, happy face. Some things to remember if you decide to try it:

  • While it might be tempting to share a razor with your husband, use something gentler on your peach fuzz, like a brow shaping tool.
  • Use firm-but-gentle strokes in a downward motion, with the blade lying flat against your skin.
  • If you’re going the at-home route, you’ll need to dermaplane about once a week. If you go to your dermatologist, the treatment will “shave” away a bit more, so you’ll only need to go about once a month.
  • This process should not be painful, so stop if it hurts!
  • Avoid chemical exfoliants – salicylic acid, glycolic acid, retinoic acid, etc. – for the day before and after you dermaplane to avoid red, irritated skin.
  • It’s a myth that your hair will grow back thicker. However, it will grow back its natural color, which is often significantly darker than the peach fuzz that’s been bleached by sun exposure. Don’t be alarmed!

Want more information? Check out the original article over on Women’s Health. Have you ever heard of “dermaplaning” before? Do you do it? Would you give this beauty trick a try?