21 Times When Women Called Out Sexist Things That Are Somehow Still Accepted

Wavebreakmedia via Deposit Photos

Whether or not everyone is willing to admit it, sexism still exists in the world. Women don’t like to be judged or ridiculed just for their gender. They also don’t like to worry about their safety all the time, have to fight their way to job promotions or flee from creepy men. Yet it happens all the time. Let us be clear. Not everyone is sexist, but sexism does still exist.

Many women have turned to the subreddit r/TrollXChromosomes to point out sexist comments, memes and situations. Scroll down to see 21 examples of these things that really shouldn’t be accepted in the 21st century.

  1. Then vs Now

  2. Assault

  3. Random Guys

  4. Rape

  5. Worst Case Scenario

  6. “Slept Her Way to the Top”

  7. Stairs vs Elevator

  8. Swimsuits

  9. “Gold Digger”

  10. Voting

  11. Condoms

  12. Rude Isn’t “Attractive”

  13. She Said “No”

  14. Parental Leave

  15. What Doctor’s Think

  16. Girl Code vs Bro Code

  17. Wearing Sweats

  18. Underage

  19. “Being Hormonal”

  20. The Olympics

  21. Fair Pay