People Are Cringing in Horror After Woman’s Photoshop Request To Remove Her Stepson Goes Viral

@WadeCrosss via Twitter

While Photoshop can be a wonderful thing, we can probably all agree that there are certain things that should not be photoshopped out of photos.

Fixing a bad hair day or switching out a photo of a frowny face child for a photo of a child actually looking at the camera is magic, but removing a member of the family from a family photo is controversial to say the least.

In a Facebook group called “Photoshop Fairy Connection” one mom posted a professional family picture that she wanted photoshopped. The photo was of herself, her husband, her two children and her stepson. The request was to photoshop her stepson out of the photo, and she was prepared to pay $10 to whomever was willing to do this task.

The request was controversial within the group, but when one of the group’s members reposted a screenshot of the request on Twitter, the angry comments poured in.

This post has gone viral with over 6,000 retweets and over 6,000 comments.

While some Twitter users simply criticize the mom and feel bad for the stepson, other Twitter users point out that the dad should have spoken up and refused to let his wife even consider such a request.

It looks like the stepmom eventually got her wish. Someone posted a picture of her new profile picture along with their snarky comment about her photoshop request.



There were a few people who defended the stepmom saying that perhaps the biological mom doesn’t want pictures of her son posted on social media. This is a valid point.

Do you think this mom’s request was out of line?