Woman Wants to Know If She’s Wrong For Telling Her Husband She Won’t Continue Cooking For His Ungrateful Grieving Friend

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Marriage can be very difficult. Husbands and wives don’t always get along, but losing a spouse to an illness or accident is something we don’t even like to think about. A grieving widow or widower often needs the support of friends and family to deal with the loss and eventually move on.

Reddit user Lillian3435543 shared that her husband’s best friend lost his wife to cancer. Her husband goes over to Dale’s house every day to help out, and other friends have been doing the same. Dale doesn’t know how to cook, so the wife thought that when she cooks she’ll start making enough for Dale too and send his portion over to him via her husband.

It started out that she would send food over to Dale one day a week. Then, she ended up sending food 3-5 days a week. As time went on, Dale started texting her requesting certain foods and giving her cooking tips, like telling her how his wife used to make it and how she could make it like that too. The wife found found the texts from Dale annoying, but she kept cooking for him anyway.

It’s important to note that she is not a housewife. She works as a nurse at a busy hospital, so she doesn’t have a lot of time to cook.

Things came to a head when Dale texted her one morning while she was working, and she didn’t have a chance to look at the text before she got home. When she got home, her husband looked upset, and she had no idea what was wrong. Apparently, the text Dale sent her that morning was to let her know that he was having company that night, and he wanted to know if she would cook a meal that he could serve them. Since she never got back to him, he ended up ordering take out at the last minute.

The wife thought it was ridiculous for Dale to even consider asking her to cook for his friends whom she had never even met. She also thought it was ridiculous for Dale and her husband to be upset that she didn’t see the text. She was working. She is not a chef. Cooking for Dale is not her job, yet she felt like he was treating her like a personal chef.

She decided that she was never going to cook for Dale again. She’d had enough of his ungrateful attitude. Her husband thought she was overreacting and that she should apologize to Dale.

She turned to Reddit to find out what others thought. Was she overreacting? Should she apologize to Dale for not seeing his text?

No. The answer is no. The Reddit community sided with the wife. One comment reads, “Why couldn’t one of Dale’s guests bring a dish round if he’s still struggling? Why are you required to cater for an event you weren’t even invited to?”

Another Reddit user wrote, “You are not his mother, you are not his wife- honestly, you are not even his friend. You are doing this as a favor to your husband and if it is to the point where your husband is picking fights with you, then it’s over.”

Yet another Reddit user pointed out that Dale may not be the real problem. “Your Problem is not Dale but your husband. Theoreticly its nice that he want to be there for his friend in a hard time. But its seems he is very inconsiderat towards you and your time.”

One Reddit user even scripted a text she could send him basically telling him to start cooking for himself. “Hey Dale, it seems like you have some great ideas for how to improve my cooking, so I think it’s time you do exactly that! Sounds like you’re halfway there to all the great meals you are going to learn to make and entertain your friends with. As you’ve seen, my job is very demanding, so much that sometimes I don’t even have a moment to check my phone. I certainly never envisioned that you would count on me to take dinner orders for your entertaining needs, but I’m glad I was able to squeeze in time to help keep you fed during your difficult transition. It seems like now that you are entertaining, you are ready to move out of this difficult transition time. Best of luck going forward and I am sure you will come up with many of your own culinary masterpieces! Kindest regards, Lillian3435543”

Do you think Dale was taking advantage of the wife? Do you think the wife was being inconsiderate? Do you think the husband, Dale’s friend, is the real problem?