Woman Without Children Gets Laughed At By Mom Friends After Saying She’s “Tired”

HayDmitriy via Deposit Photos

If you have kids, you might find yourself thinking from time to time about how much free time you had before you had children. You didn’t have to plan your entire schedule around your children‘s school, daycare, nap and bedtime schedule. You didn’t have to watch kids shows. A day off truly meant a day off instead of a day to do whatever your kids consider fun.

As parents, we love our kids and love spending time with our kids, but it can truly be exhausting; however, that doesn’t mean that people who don’t have kids don’t ever get tired.

One 34-year-old woman who does not have kids was venting to her friends about how tired she is. She works long hours and was looking forward to a day off. Three of her friends have kids under the age of 6. These friends “laughed and said I didn’t ‘understand the meaning of tired’ because I don’t have children. One of them said a week in my life would be like a holiday for them and that I shouldn’t complain because childless people have it so easy. They just went on and on, telling me how hard it is to have kids and that when I ‘grow up’ and have a family I’ll realize how stupid I sound.”

As a result, the tired woman snapped at her friends. She “told them they didn’t have a monopoly on being tired and that they have no idea what my life is like.”

Now, this woman is turning to Reddit to find out if she really does have a right to say she’s tired or if her mom friends are right. Overwhelmingly, Reddit users feel that moms do not “have a monopoly on being tired.” One comment reads, “Parents don’t have a monopoly on exhaustion. It doesn’t sound like you were putting down their experiences at first, but just telling your own. It isn’t a contest, and they didn’t have to play martyr. Yeah, they are tired, probably way more tired than before kids, but they still don’t need to put down your own feelings. Not everything is about them.”

One common theme in the comments is that “it’s not a contest.” Maybe the moms really are more tired. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter. One Reddit user wrote, “I have a serious chronic illness that is incredibly painful at times. You know what I say when people complain to me about having a cold? I don’t say, ‘You don’t know what feeling bad is. Having a cold would be a vacation compared to what I go through.’ I say, ‘Having a cold sucks. I hope you feel better soon.’ Because it’s not a d*** contest.”

Another Reddit user explained, “There are harder jobs out there than parenting. Whether yours is one, doesn’t matter. Hard work is hard work. Tired is tired.”

Do you think people who don’t have kids understand what it’s like to be truly tired? Do you think parents work harder and get more exhausted than people who don’t have children?