Memphis Woman Who Died 6 Months Ago Receives COVID-19 Diagnosis

THV 11

We’re sure that anyone can make mistakes. We’re all human after all. We’re not perfect. For example, the New York Times made a mistake in the Vows section. But, making a mistake in a wedding announcement is one thing. Making a mistake when it comes to COVID-19 is something quite different.

We’re not talking about making a mistake like choosing not to wear a mask and then ending up catching COVID-19. There have been plenty of stories where that happened. This is not one of them.

This is a story about a woman who died in February 2020, well before anyone in the United States was even testing for COVID-19. Her death was not at all related to the novel coronavirus. She was 66 years old and she passed away on February 16, 2020.

You might be wondering what her death has to do with COVID-19, and the answer is nothing. However, the Shelby County Health Department made a major mistake, and it has her son, Troy Whittington, questioning pretty much everything the health department has to say about COVID-19.

Recently, Wittington received a letter in the mail from the health department. The letter said that his mother took a COVID-19 test and that she tested positive for the virus.

Wittington told THV 11, “I’m just having a hard time understanding how they can say someone has COVID-19 when they are not even alive.” He added, “It’s been 6 months, almost 7, since she passed away. There was no testing that was done at that time. On her death certificate it was stated she died, what the cause of death was, and it was not COVID-19. It was COPD.”

This huge error is making Wittington question the accuracy of information coming from the health department. He said, “I would just like for the health department to be more accurate. They have a record of her death there. That is where I got the death certificate from and it’s in the same building they’re sending out saying she is positive, which is not possible.”

Watch the video below for more details and to learn what other concerns Wittington has about this letter from the health department.

How would you react if you received a notification like this in the mail? If you have been tested for COVID-19, how long did it take for you to get the test results?