Woman Walks Out In Middle Of Shift After Being Told By Boss That Her Shorts Are Too Short

http@uglyfatg0thh via TikTok

In many cases, whether or not an employee enjoys his or her job depends on the working conditions including the other employees. Even if an employee gets along well enough with other employees, if the employee’s boss is a nightmare, the employee is likely to be looking for work elsewhere.

One employee turned to TikTok to share a story about a situation that happened shortly after she arrived at work one day. The situation centered around a disagreement she had with her manager, and that disagreement was about a pair of shorts.

The employee explained that it was a hot day, so she decided to wear a pair of shorts to work that she had worn to work many times before. She explained that the manager had seen her wear the same pair of shorts to work many times and had never said anything to her about them; however, on this particular day, the manager decided to say something.

Just 20 minutes into the employee’s 5 hour scheduled shift, the manager decided to tell the employee she had to go home and change because the shorts she was wearing were too short and weren’t allowed based on the company’s dress code. The employee tried to explain why she should be allowed to wear the shorts, but the manager wasn’t about to give in. Instead, the employee ended up leaving and not coming back.

Watch the employee’s TikTok video below to hear more of the context surrounding this situation and to see what the shorts looked like.

@uglyfatg0thh “you have to follow dress code” BUT WHY HASNT ANYTHING BEEN SAID BEFORE? and why do i need to fully go home and change? just tell me to not wear them again??? stupid #fyp #foryou #retail #storytime #vent #dresscode #greenscreen ♬ original sound – morgan 🦇

Many viewers are on the employee’s side, saying she shouldn’t even bother giving two weeks notice when she quits. One comment reads, “If you already have another position lined up, warn your coworkers that you trust and give her a 1 day notice. She doesn’t deserve two weeks.”

Another viewer wrote, “Don’t give her a letter, just LEAVE!”

Some viewers even shared their own similar stories. One person wrote, “When I was a cashier we had to wear khaki pants. I bought a new pair and they said I had to change because they weren’t khaki enough. I never came back.”

Another comment reads, “I’ve had the same issue. Like I’m 5’10”. Do you know how hard it is to find shorts that long for me?”

Do you think the employee was out of line for walking off the job? Do you think the manager was out of line for requiring the employee to go home and change? Have you ever been told to go home and change because you were violating dress code at work?