Woman Who Stopped Removing Facial Hair Shares How the Decision Changed Her Life

eldina_jaganjac via Instagram

If you’re a woman with excess facial hair, you know the struggle of having to get rid of it constantly. Whether you shave or wax, hair removal can be quite the process. But what if it doesn’t have to be? What if…you just go all natural?

That’s just what Copenhagen resident Eldina decided to do. The woman documented her hair removal journey (or lack thereof) on her Instagram and gained tons of followers who admired her for sharing what she was doing.

Eldina was getting so annoyed removing her facial hair all the time. But one day, she thought about it: Why does she have to? DOES she have to at all? It takes up so much time—could she be using that toward something more productive?


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“I wouldn’t say it’s something that happened suddenly, but I became increasingly frustrated with having to remove hair for no apparent reason. I see men go outside without removing hair, so why do I have to?” she asked herself. “I realized that I could spend my time much better. I’m not against shaving or removing hair, but it’s the expectation that every woman should do it all the time that annoys me.”

The problem is that women feel like they must meet certain standard to be beautiful—but Eldina really wanted to challenge that.

“A lot of women have written me and told me that they also feel pressure to remove all of their body hair, even though they don’t want to,” Eldina said. “But they feel pressured by society to do so, or have been bullied for having hair on their bodies.”

“I think that the beauty standards are super random,” she added. “They change all the time. Something that’s very important now could be completely irrelevant in 10 years. So I can’t see why there is such an expectation for people, especially women, to fit into these standards.”


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A post shared by Eldina Jaganjac (@eldina_jaganjac)

Eldina used to get rid of her excessive eyebrow and upper lip hair, but after letting it grow out for quite some time, she’s really felt much more confident, and wants other women to be able to feel the same way.

When people are worried about others feeling a certain way toward them because of facial hair, Eldina has some choice words. “I think my advice would be, that if people don’t like you, you can always find new friends, “she said. “You can always find other groups of people who will accept and value your thoughts and feelings. And do you really want to be liked for someone you’re not?”

If you’re wondering whether you should embrace your natural body hairs, Eldina wants you to ask yourself something: “I think it’s always a good idea to reflect on why you’re doing what you’re doing. And is it what you want, or are you doing it because of fear?”

How inspiring! What do you think of Eldina’s motto about facial hair on women?